NY Alarm Security

When your Alarm Goes Off- We’re There!
You’ll rest assured with New York Alarm Response’s professional alarm response and patrol service at your business or home. The moment our state-of-the-art Response Center receives your alarm signal, highly trained response agents, are immediately dispatched. We thoroughly investigate your premises inside and out.

New York Alarm Response’s patrol services can be randomly scheduled or dedicated to fit your needs, offering extra security measures. 
Verified Patrol Punch Reports

Verified Patrol Punch Reports

Response agents are required to present infrared ID’s at a series of checkpoints (also known as guard tours). This verifies agent attendance at each checkpoint with a time and date stamp. You receive a computerized weekly report of agent visits.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Our response vehicles are equipped with wireless Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) transmitters. These track all mobile agents, allowing us to provide you with a speedy response to any alarm. GPS also provides a detailed audit trail, verifying the presence of our agents at any location. 

Key Service
Key Service

By holding keys to your premises, our rapid response team can fully investigate to determine the cause of your alarm, properly secure your premises, and protect your home or business. 

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Why NY Response?

NY ALARM Response has over 40 years of experience in responding to alarms in the NY City Metro area, that expertise becomes your advantage when your alarm goes off.

When your alarm goes off we are there to investigate and make sure your property is safe from crime.

Chances are your business is your largest asset and your life’s work, for about two (2) dollars a day we are there to assess and protect your property and valuables.